Culinary Tours

Farm-To-Table Tour

Don’t settle for sampling Aruban food at restaurants: deep-dive into the island’s cuisine on this farm-to-table cooking experience.

Jamaican Cooking Tour

Although you'll learn to make Jamaican staples like Jerk Chicken and Festivals Bread, this class also gives guests a taste of authentic Jamaican culture.

Curaçao Cooking Tour

In groups of 2 persons, you will prepare the dishes and sauces according to instructions received from a local chef.

Tasting Tours

Chocolate Factory Tour

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the production and export of dark chocolate in Barbados on this chocolate factory tour including Series of chocolate tastings.

St Lawrence Dinner

This tour of Barbados' south coast adds flavours to ypur vacation. You'll visit several of the island's top restaurants, sampling their best dishes.

Old San Juan Walk And Taste

Stroll through San Juan in the company of a guide, stopping to taste traditional Puerto Rican dishes, on this food tour. Make stops focused on family-run establishments and local ingredients.

Exotic Fruits To Try

  • 01


    You can eat or drink from them in their various stages of maturity
    and they are said to have lots of benefits.

  • 02


    A member of the squash family, this fruit has a mild flavor with a
    texture somewhere between a potato and a cucumber.

  • 03


    With a texture between that of a mushy pear and a sugar apple, and a taste
    between pineapple and bananas, cherimoyas are regarded as one of the best
    tropical fruits.

  • 04

    Passion Fruit

    The bright orange pulp is delicious when eaten raw right out of the fruit, or
    spooned over a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a pop of texture and tang.

Heros Behind the Company

We are a team of professionals with a passion for Caribbean cuisine.

All our foodie tours were thoughtfully created for you to show, taste and even make Caribbean meals.

Our amazing tour guides adore what they do and are trained to show you the best the Caribbean islands have to offer.

Darcie Reed

CEO and a professional tour operator at Caribbean Soups Tours

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